Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect for worship?

We openly celebrate our faith in worship. You will see we raise our hands (1 Tim 2:8) We Clap our hands and worship with our voices (PS: 47) and we encourage you to connect with God on a platform of appreciation for all he has done for you.

What times are your services each weekend?

We gather together every week at 11:00AM for Worship & Word (at times we have special services that are posted).

What is there for my kids?

On Sundays, parallel to our Worship & Word, the KidsWorks department has Sunday school classes for your children.

Is there guest parking?

Yes we have ample parking and our church community is expecting you, so spots up close are available for your convenience.

What denomination is your church?

This congregation is Affiliated with the UPCI and is an Apostolic/Pentecostal congregation.

What is a nondenominational church?

A non denominational church is one that has no ties to large governing bodies and runs as an individual entity to itself as a house of worship.

How long are your services?

We are prompt in starting service and have a structured service schedule, however as a spirit filled church we allow space for spiritual moves and will at times step away from our plans for the service and seek Gods direction. This may extend a service time from our regular 1hr – 1 1/2 hr services.

If I give a donation is my contribution considered tax deductible?

The answer is simply yes. However the proper information needs to be provided for us to know how to record and report your gift. Contribution envelopes are provided for such purposes. And an annual giving statement can be provided of the contributions made.

Do I have to be a member to be involved?

It is our intention to get everyone who wants to be involved connected with opportunities that will stimulate spiritual growth. There is something for everyone and at every level of your way of faith.


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